Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

BeefSkin Leather


Vince Johnson Beefskin Leather

Mancrafted in America by a US Veteran, Vince Johnson is the man behind BeefSkin Leather. Vince sent us this photo of Rhodia on his desk. This image has been added to the “On Your Desk” Rhodia fan photo page.


Vince offers some pretty cool leather accessories like this Shackle Bracelet. Be sure to keep a lookout for new products which are 100% “made in Merica”.

3 thoughts on “BeefSkin Leather

  1. Hi Vince
    I just received as an anniversary gift, 2 great leather Beefskin bracelets. I find that they are both very large for my wrists, and I would like advice how I can have them reduced?? I could send you a photo of each of them if it would help. If anyone else knows how, it would be great. Thanks, George

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