Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Have you tried the J. Herbin Refillable Rollerball Pen?



Have you tried one of the J. Herbin Rollerball Pens yet? 

Highly functional, this small and compact rollerball pen is refillable with J. Herbin ink cartridges. With a minimalist look, this elegant pen is the perfect writing tool for all correspondence and daily notes. It offers smooth writing with a medium line and the transparent body lets you monitor the ink level.


The Herbin rollerball offers an alternative for writing with your favorite J. Herbin inks. The pens are small and lightweight, have a firmly closing cap, and use the Herbin international cartridges that are easy to load. When I tested it, the nib felt like a “Fine.”

2 thoughts on “Have you tried the J. Herbin Refillable Rollerball Pen?

  1. Nice looking, write well – while they last. I’ve had two of them – each lasting about 6 months before they stopped writing. I cleaned the rollerball with a lint free cloth and distilled water, only used Herbin ink. May want to consider providing an extra ball nib mechanism as replacements.

  2. I have 2 of them and they have become a little scratchy on the paper. It may be the ink, since I refilled an empty cartridge with some Noodler’s ink, so I will go back to the J Herbin cartridges and see what happens. I guess it couldn’t hurt to give them a good cleaning, too.

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