Friday, May 16th, 2014

Have you ever tried black paper?


Clairefontaine black paper

We recently received an e-mail from a Rhodia fan requesting black paper with light grey dots. Is this something you would be interested in? I know I would. I’ve been using black paper for years… 

Once I fell in love with black paper (mostly for art making) I became obsessed with finding the most opaque media to use in combination with it. White gel pens are good, as are grease pencils, (aka China Markers) some colored pencils, gouache watercolor paint, acrylic paint, and one of my favorites, the highly pigmented Neocolor artist crayons by Caran D’Ache. 

I’ve tried a lot of different kinds of black paper and most of what I’ve used would fall under the category of art papers. (Colored papers are a particular favorite for pastel artists.)  Most common are construction type papers which are thin, tear easily and not always fade resistant, smooth card stock type papers, and the laid (textured) papers typically used with pastel.

If you can’t find a black papered notebook or one that you like, you can make your own book using loose sheets of your favorite black art paper. Another option would be to apply black gesso (an acrylic based paint primer) to your favorite white papered sketchbooks – a time consuming, expensive & messy process that creates a pretty amazing surface to work on.

6 thoughts on “Have you ever tried black paper?

  1. My hunt for black paper note books brought me here; Yes I would purchase black paper.
    Several Ink makers produce pigments that I have/want to purchase, but dont use much because they would look far better on black paper rather than white or cream.

  2. Yes, I would be interested in black Rhodia dot-grid paper! Maybe not in a Webnotebook, because it’s not something I could foresee myself using a lot, but definitely in Rhodia pads. It would be great for doodling and drawing with my white and metallic pens.

  3. Yes, yes, yes. I would be very interested, w/ or wo/ the dots. When can we hope to see them!?!

  4. I’m all for black paper. Or even a set of dark jeweltones…. Okay, maybe I’m just a paper “enthusiast” who wants to hoard all the paper like some sort of dragon with exquisite taste.

  5. I’d love a notebook or journal with good quality black paper, with or without the gray dots. One of the reasons, I loved Clairefontaine’s Maritime Logbook was the black paper!

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