Thursday, May 1st, 2014

Clairefontaine dot? Quo Vadis dot?


Clairefontaine grafit dot

Other than the up and coming Clairefontaine dotGrid Graf-It pads, dot ruling is exclusive to Rhodia.

If you prefer Clairefontaine, Quo Vadis or Exacompta papers, would you like them even more if they were available with dot ruling? If yes, please tell us which specific product- including anything in the Rhodia line that isn’t yet available in the dot format.

12 thoughts on “Clairefontaine dot? Quo Vadis dot?

  1. I would love to see side and top spiralbounds in dot in Rhodia and/or Clairefontaine! I use these two bindings almost exclusively and would be over the moon if they were available in dot grid.

  2. I will ‘third’ what Rachel and Martin have said — top wirebound, please!

    Being left-handed, top spiral-bound pads are my favorite!

  3. If Clairfontaine C306 notebooks came in dot grid, I’d pass out with joy. Even if they came in graph, I’d be pretty darn happy.

    I first encountered dot grid in a notebook I found at Daiso, a copy of the Rhodia No 82, only with a spiral top binding. I didn’t see if they had other sizes, but planning a trip back soon.

  4. Here is what I would like to see from Rhodia:

    1) An A5-sized Rhodiarama with dot grid

    1) A Rhodia Unlimited with dot grid and more pages (192) – something closer to the Moleskine soft cover than the slim little thing that the Unlimited currently is.

    2) An A5 size Meetingbook, but with a hard cover (i.e. ditch the spiral binding) and a dot grid printed on the BACK of each page (i.e. front of page has Dates/Notes/Actions sections but back of page has dot grid for sketching and diagramming). This would be a book for more “technical” meeting, where “business” notes are taken on the front side, while the back is free to do sketches and graphs.

  5. Please please please bring back top wire bound Rhodia dot pads! I bought a big quantity when they were released some time ago and I’m almost out. My life will be much poorer if they’re not available again.

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