Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Inky Fingers


What fountain pen user hasn’t at one time or another experienced inky fingers? For me, it’s every time I refill a pen. It happens either by accidentally touching the rim of the bottle or when using a paper towel to wipe the nib section clean.

Other ways I’ve gotten inky? If a pen is running a little dry, I will sometimes twist the convertor to push more ink into the feed; if it’s a bit too much, spillage may occur. Dip pens/nibs come with their own type of inky hazards simply from having to repeatedly dip the nib into an ink bottle.

Under what circumstances have you experienced the inky finger syndrome? Anyone ever experience ink problems on an airplane?

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5 thoughts on “Inky Fingers

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  2. It seems like no matter how careful I am when refilling a pen, I always end up with a smudge of ink on my hand. It’s a work hazard I can live with, I reckon. ;-)

  3. Now here is an Inky Fingers story for you: On December 19, 2013 I was sworn in as a judge. On the 18th, I was on my way to lunch with a friend from my old law firm, and I stopped to get some FP Ink. I found a bottle of Montblanc seasonal, scented, red ink. As I really liked the scent of the green ink, I was anxious to smell the red one. It smelled nice. However, I must have mis-closed it, because I suddenly noticed my Montblanc bag leaking red, and when I tried to locate it, my hands became red – so red, in fact, that I was very happy no one called the police to report the runaway murderer…

    And I Have to shake hands tommorrow with the President, the Chief Justice and the Minister of Justice! What am I going to do?

    well, it seems the Montblanc is only somewhat water resistant, and by the next day (after several scrubs, some with pretty high octane detergents) there was only slight memento of the catastrophe. But I just thought this is an Inky Hands story to be told…

  4. I’m awful with this with all sorts of inks and paints. At least most of it ends up on the paper like I want it to…

    But if you ever need to get those stains off, go wash your hair. (after getting the worst of it off your hands with soap and water…) It cures ink stains and most watercolour/acrylic paint ones.

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