Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Where do you buy your Rhodia?



Stationery stores, art stores and book stores are a few of the more popular types of brick and mortar stores where you may discover a selection of Rhodia products available for purchase.

Click here to find a local retailer in your state or here for retailers with multiple locations. Product availability may vary and if you are looking for a specific Rhodia or Exaclair product, it might be best to call ahead.

The image above was taken at a D&R Music and Book Store in Turkey. Where do you buy your Rhodia?


2 thoughts on “Where do you buy your Rhodia?

  1. There are two art supplies/stationery stores here in Toronto where I buy Rhodia products: Midoco – on Bloor and Bathurst – and the other one is Laywine’s – in the Yorkville district.

  2. A couple friends of mine are commercial pilots and usually fly JFK to Paris every week. They found a stationary shop while on layover in Paris and brought back Rhodia pads for my birthday.

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