Thursday, March 13th, 2014

What are you watching?



It seems as though a lot of people (myself included) have been ditching cable and watching movies and television via the internet on live streaming services like Netflix, iTunes, Amazon and Hulu. While you can’t always find every show you want, there certainly are a lot of options to keep a person up all night binge watching whichever show people are talking about at any given moment.

When I made a comment on Facebook about my feelings of guilt over having watched all 26 episodes of House of Cards in less than a week, several of my friends commented that they had done it in less time. It was that that point that I no longer felt was alone with my obvious lack of self-restraint.

Like many others, I am eagerly waiting for the next season of Orange is the New Black, (unfortunately not a show about Rhodia…) which I am most likely to consume in a single sitting.

Which shows have got you hooked?

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5 thoughts on “What are you watching?

  1. Amazon Prime lets me catch up on LOST & other shows I missed when they were running. But YouTube lets me feed a fondness for the Bollywood movies of Shah Rukh Khan when I can’t find the DVDs at my local Indian grocer or library.

  2. About to start True Detective (wanted to wait till I could watch all of them at once), and just learned that Comedy Bang Bang season 2 is now on Netflix. It’s a brilliant and odd talk show with Reggie Watts as the ‘bandleader’.

  3. Ha! I love Rhodia and Orange is the New Black. There must be a connection…

    Some friends and I were just discussing how we watch so much tv now that movies have become an afterthought. I still have cable (without premium channels), but also watch older series I missed, like Treme and Friday Night Lights, on Netflix and Amazon via my Roku.

  4. I cut the cord myself, and I also watched House of Cards at an alarmingly fast rate. Such an amazing show. It’s a bit of a grey area, and it’s not “illegal” per say – but check out

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