Thursday, February 27th, 2014

The Sharpened Pencil



While I probably own at least half a dozen manual pencil sharpeners, I am always misplacing them. When I do find one, it’s usually the one that consistently chews the point off my pencil requiring me to re-sharpen them again and again leaving me with half the pencil I started with. I have a really awesome electric sharpener in my studio but I always seem to forget my pencils at home. I also have an older battery-operated unit which doesn’t seem to have the gusto (chewing power) that it once had which probably should be retired.

Do you have a favorite tried and true pencil sharpener? What brand? I may be looking for a new one… (I keep eyeballing those retro glass sharpeners by Alvin- especially the red one.)

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7 thoughts on “The Sharpened Pencil

  1. Another vote for KUM’s sharpeners! Especially their long point model. A tiny metal sharpener, that looks like a pencil sharpener, but is in fact a gateway to writing delight.

  2. I love pencil sharpeners and I have all kinds of them, but, one that I always have around is my Faber Castell canister which sharpens graphite and color pencils.

    Though, for a pocket sharpener, you can’t beat a Dux that has 3 different settings for lead points.

  3. If I’m breaking TOS by including these links, please just remove them.

    I have a few I really like. I have a Kum brand plastic sharpener that has a screwtop and is easily transportable for my bag. Mine isn’t transparent, just a blue ABS plastic, but it’s held up really well.

    I also have a DUX “inkwell” sharpener for home. (I love it – much higher quality than the Kum reference above – I didn’t realize it was the Alvin you were talking about until I searched for it.)

    Finally, and my favorite, is a manual Palomino Blackwing “long-point” sharpener that is a two-stage process. You sharpen the wood with the first blade, and the graphite with the second blade. It’s great. Mine’s red, but here’s a similar one on Amazon:

    So, the big question is, when is Rhodia going to produce their own sharpener for their world-class pencils? :)

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