Friday, February 21st, 2014

Writing Small



Do you think it’s the pen, the hand, or a combination of the two that results in the tiniest handwriting?

Is your handwriting this small, or smaller?

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3 thoughts on “Writing Small

  1. My writing is about that small it’s one of the reasons I don’t use a fountain pen very often. Fine nibs aren’t good for quick writing so I tend to use fine ball points or rollers for things like notes or journals and only go to a fountain pen when I have time to write slowly and much larger.
    I do tend to write a little bigger with a bigger pen, whatever the point size.
    Smallest of all is my pencil handwriting.

  2. I think it’s the pen and the hand and some other quality leading to small handwriting. I used to always write very small but I’ve noticed that my handwriting grew larger as my eyesight worsened, especially when taking notes — I couldn’t read what I was writing if I had my head upright to look at whomever was speaking. (I’m 28, I just have extremely poor vision, 20/40 corrected.)

  3. I can write very small if I have one of Sailor EF nib pens inked up and use good non-bleeding paper like Rhodia/Clairefontaine – It is not my natural hand but a super fine nibs allows it.

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