Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

More Plain Paper?



We’ve received several requests for plain paged notebooks. Most recently, this message from a Turkish university student and self-proclaimed “stationery nerd”:

“We university students love and buy and use plain paged notebooks, buy most companies do not have paper as qualified as yours. We want to use Rhodia’s quality papered notebooks, and we want them to be plain paged please.”

We’ve also heard specific requests for spiral bound plain paged books – which is one product I’d swipe up in a heartbeat.

Are you a fan of unruled paper? Do you use it primarily for writing, sketching, or a combination of both?

Image courtesy of puww on Instagram.


5 thoughts on “More Plain Paper?

  1. No.16 plain would be lovely. I like to draw or write big or small without lines.
    Thank you for making suchvawesome paper!

  2. Where did all the lined paper come from? Don’t the lines just spoil things?

    An unlined, A4, spiral bound along the top edge, notepad please.

  3. Yes! I much prefer the flexibility of blank paper to the restrictions of lined. A small 3.5×5.5 notebook with white 90g paper (80g would work in a pinch), priced to compete with Moleskine Cahiers and Field Notes, would be beyond fantastic!

  4. Yes, I would buy plain paper. I’d prefer white and use it for combination; notes and sketching.

  5. Oh, please, yes. I do a lot of writing every day, and I far prefer unlined pages so that I can vary the space between the lines as I’m writing. (It’s helpful for chunking information together visually.) Unlined notebooks would be a dream!

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