Friday, February 14th, 2014

The Difference Between Yellow & White Rhodia Paper: Would You Like to Test it?


Rhodia Yellow

A short while back we received a comment about the texture of the yellow paper in our No. 19 Staplebound Pads. When the person had mentioned that the yellow paper had more “tooth” than its white counterpart, Karen sent me one of each to test and I would tend to agree. While both papers are manufactured by Clairefontaine and are each 80g in weight, the 80g white performs as expected but the yellow does indeed feel “toothier” and is especially nice when used with a pencil.

So here’s the deal: We’ve got 5 pairs of these tablets to give away. If you are located in the USA and are willing to provide us with timely feedback on the yellow versus white paper with whatever media you prefer, (pencil, fountain pen, gel pen, etc.) please enter your info on the form below and click submit. (The form may not be visible when viewed on a mobile device or if you are subscribed to our blog via e-mail. Please visit to view the form)

This particular offer is open to USA participants and will remain open until midnight EST on Friday February 21st. Participants will be selected at our discretion and notified by e-mail the week of February 24th with additional details on where to submit the product feedback. Testers are also welcome to write their own blog reviews about these products.

10 thoughts on “The Difference Between Yellow & White Rhodia Paper: Would You Like to Test it?

  1. Sorry, misunderstood. I was looking at the comments list and didn’t see anything else posted. Thank you for clarifying this

  2. There was a form that was filled out – over 80 people signed up, 5 were chosen and we have since disabled them form (Stopped accepting submissions) per the details of the post. We are currently awaiting feedback from the testers.

  3. Were the testers all commenters on this post, or did you pick from other posts as well?

  4. Hi Luke, We selected 5 testers at our discretion and notified them via e-mail. (This wasn’t a contest) The tablets have been mailed out and we are awaiting their feedback.

  5. I’d love to test the yellow ones. I just picked up two white pads (one lined, one dot) because the store didn’t have yellow. I use fountain pens, rollerballs, and gels.

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