Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

A coffee with that pad?



I like to drink coffee when I write. There is something about enjoying good coffee while writing on good paper that satisfies all the senses.

My current favorite is anything from Cafe Grumpy. Close behind is Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, especially Dolok Sanggul from Sumatra. I also enjoy City Blend by Oren’s Daily Roast.

Do you like having coffee when you sketch or write? If so, do you have some good recommendations for us?

5 thoughts on “A coffee with that pad?

  1. As a native New Yorker I’m partial to the roasts you
    mention (love Grumpy!) but living in Chicago has put
    Intelligentsia, Metropolis, and Dark Matter at the top of lists
    these days. My day begins with a time for journaling and a pot of
    French Press. Counter Culture also roasts some righteous

  2. I’ve only ever made trips to Starbucks and/or Coffee Bean here in Malaysia, but yes, I do enjoy a hot cuppa or perhaps a Frappe on a hot sunny day while composing a blog post or doing a journal entry in my Moleskine. There’re newer cafes opened all around Kuala Lumpur these days. Just haven’t found the time to stop by.

  3. Oh, I agree, I agree. I don’t drink much–a cup or two daily at the most. But, it is one of my greatest pleasures. I love that clean blooming spiral of the first sip…like the first few words written upon the clean page or screen. There is promise within…

  4. Try George Howell ( – Boston) for superb coffees, including frequent limited editions. All are roasted on-demand, vacuum-packed (sometimes from the grower!), thus consummately fresh. I’m a big fan of the Indonesian and African offerings. Also Porto Rico Importing ( – NYC) for Peru Chanchamayo and Maui Select. Alas, great beans, but not vacuum-packed. Then there is Tonx ( — LA). Great coffee, but subscription-based, so no choice re: what shows up in your mailbox every two weeks.

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