Thursday, January 16th, 2014

What ink properties are most important to you?


Rose Cyclamen

In Tuesday’s blog post, I asked what colors you would most like to see added to J Herbin’s “Jewel of Inks” line. Several of you, (me included) suggested more saturated versions of existing colors which made me wonder… If J. Herbin offered highly pigmented inks, (somewhere between this line and the 1670 Anniversary inks) what particular characteristics do you think would need to remain the same for them to still be uniquely Herbin inks?

What is it specifically about J. Herbin inks that you like? The flow? The shading? The smell?

4 thoughts on “What ink properties are most important to you?

  1. Well, it’s surely not the price!
    It’s just the colors!
    When I first heard about the 1670 red I knew I must have it. When I read a review of Sapphir that said, “looks like the blue in my Bic ballpoints from the 60s,” I knew I had to have it.
    If I didn’t already have more than every color of ink I need (at the moment) I’d have many more Herbin.

  2. Flow, shading, safety in light colored/demo pens. I can put Herbin in a $1k limited edition & not have section staining or lose the crystalline clarity of a Pelikan M1000 demonstrator or Visconti Skeleton

    Wet, wonderful shading & safe! Keep that & you can go as intense as you want!

  3. One of the properties I love in many J Herbin inks is shading, Unfortunately super saturation often removes an inks shading properties.

  4. I love the flow of Herbin inks and the shading. They work well on a variety of papers, and are low maintenance.

    … Although it is hard to quantify, they are fun to use, and that is what keeps drawing me back. I never have to fight with them, they don’t stain my demonstrator or run off my nib, and they make wonderful drawings. I only use other stuff because sometimes I need a little more punch with the colour. :|

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