Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Love Herbin Inks? What additional colors would you like to see?


Herbin Inks

J. Herbin currently has 30 colors available in the La Perle des Encres (“Jewel of Inks”) line which can be viewed here. If you are a fan of these inks, please tell us which are your favorites, and what colors you’s like to see added to expand the line.

My own personal favorites include Violette Pensee, Perle Noire, and Orange Indien. I’d love to see a brighter and slightly more saturated red than the Rouge Caroubier. (though not as dark or saturated as the Rouge Hematite from the 1670 Anniversary line.) Please feel free to share this post.

15 thoughts on “Love Herbin Inks? What additional colors would you like to see?

  1. I like the “chalkiness” of Poussiere de Lune and would like to see a similar treatment of some of the other colors.

    AND make a bottle that will work or modern, larger nibs. I can only get about 2 or 3 fills and hen he level is too low to fill the pen

  2. Observation on ink contamination:
    If you insert the tip of your pen into the bottle to draw ink into a convertor or vacuum sac, it’s easy to inoculate that bottle of ink with lower life forms like yeasts or molds. The spores are on your fingers and who knows where your pens have been? I now keep a tiny squeeze bottle of rubbing alcohol in my ink cabinet. I swab off the nib and section before inking up.

  3. I see 8 reds, 3 browns, 5 blues, 6 greens and turquoises, 2 blacks/grays, 4 purples but only 1 yellow and 1 orange. Clearly, Herbin needs more oranges and yellows.

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