Monday, January 13th, 2014

All Inked and Ready to Go


Rhodia Ink and Fountain Pens

After last week’s epic pen flush, I decided to cut down on the number of pens I’d be refilling to just 6. (Six? Just six?) The first I’d wanted to fill was a Pelikan 120 that I’d found in an antique shop. It didn’t have a consistent ink flow when I’d first brought it home so I was hoping that flushing and refilling it would help its flow but no such luck. The pen only writes when I bear down on the nib. One more for the fix-it pile I suppose….

So which pens got filled with what inks? My Sailor 1911 was filled with J. Herbin Perle Noire, the Sailor Sapporo with Sailor Blue-Black, my Red Lamy Safari with Diamine Amaranth, the yellow Safari with J. Herbin Orange Indien and the Pelikan M200 with the Binderized cursive italic nib? Diamine Damson.

And then my inker’s remorse starts to creep in. Why didn’t I put the Perle Noire in the Sapporo? I always think I like the blue-black but once I write with it I always wish it were a little more saturated. And while I like the Amaranth, I don’t like how it writes in one color and dries another. (It writes much brighter than it dries) I like the color that it dries but I find the color change distracting as I’m writing. I really wanted to put Diamine’s Poppy Red in that pen but I couldn’t find my bottle. Damson was a good choice for the CI nib but the nib is acting finicky.

In the end, the only ink/pen combination I am really happy with this time around is the Orange Indien/Safari. If I don’t warm up to the rest? I guess I will be flushing/refilling again sometime soon.

What have you inked up lately? Are you happy with your choices?


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