Friday, January 10th, 2014

Friends don’t let friends let the ink dry up in their fountain pens


Cleaning Fountain Pens

The other day I spent an epic amount of time flushing the dried up ink from my fountain pens. How can you avoid havingthishappen to you? Here’s a few suggestions:

1. USE THEM! 2013 was my year of the pencil which is why my fountain pens were neglected.

2. Have 1 pen that requires minimal maintenance.If you aren’t using your pens as often, try using just one.The ink in my Sailor 1911 seems to never dry out. The pen itself and its convertor are easy to clean.

3. If you are not using your pens, take the time clean them out and store them. Thankfully, this time only half of my pens required cleaning. Perhaps a calendar reminder is in order?

4. Get to know your inks. Some inks require greater effort to flush.

5. Find someone to maintain your pens for you. Has anyone started a service to flush pens yet? Someone should. (I could have asked my studio assistant to do this for me ::smacks head:: D’oh!)

6 thoughts on “Friends don’t let friends let the ink dry up in their fountain pens

  1. i am really bad about not flushing my pens until I get ready to use one.
    I think I will do major flushing this upcoming weekend.
    This reminds me why I own rollerballs but refuse to buy another as I love whipping out a fountain pen in public and watching the look on peoples faces.Envy? maybe , because they can’t write cursive

  2. I’ve developed a habit to keep my pens flowing. When on the phone, reading fountain pen blogs, or the like I will lay all my inked pens on my desk and the doodle or scribble with each one, putting them back away as I go. My pens almost always start right up and I get more time playing around with pens.

  3. Always good advice. I think we fountain pen people typically enjoy the ritual of cleaning pens and changing inks, but it’s easy to let the days get away from you and before you know it, 3 weeks have gone by and that particularly aggressive ink has been in a pen for too long. Thanks for the reminder!

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