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Notes Organization


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  1. I am really late to the party, but I get confused if I have separate notebooks or sections. I number notebook pages and write things in order as I am thinking or reading, etc. I make a topical index starting from the back of the notebook by writing the topics as they occur and leaving at least half a page under each for page numbers; some things go under more than one topic. If I try to list topics first, invariably they won’t work out. Since I am working from the back I am free to restructure the index if I need to do that.

  2. Thank you all for your thoughtful advice. I have printed out your commentd, and will sit down with them as I begin to assemble my clippings, notes and todos. Claudia-I thought your comment about having too many pages vs. trying to squeeze info into too much space was a very helpful reminder (I tend to do this). Sapphire, your history project sounds interesting! I hope you can share it with the group. Lucky you with your assistant! Cindy, the tape idea on the binding is genius! Colin, thank you for your advice to focus on the outcome vs. the collection process. All–I so appreciate your time and help. Thank you.

  3. No matter how young [or old] you are, you will have already found a way of marshalling your thoughts and making notes that works for you. So stick with it, for this acknowledges your intuitive organisational talents and simply pinching an idea from someone else will not make it work for you.
    More seriously, if you are already hung up on note making I suspect that your books and articles will never get finished. Focus on results and outcomes and target dates rather than methodology and artefacts. I do. It works … for me!

  4. I have tried many systems for organizing my notes and, just this year, I have found the best one yet! I have many small ( approx. 6X9 in) notebooks (Rhodias, of course!)that I use. I have a separate notebook for each category: Union meeting notes, Staff meeting notes, Grade-level meeting notes, Notes from meetings with Principal, Anectdotal notes on students (I have put tabs for each student in this notebook), Technology notes, and Staff Development/Training notes. These are just my notebooks for work. Personally, I have several other books at home: Quotes I love, Church notes (I take this one to church and take notes on the sermons and lessons), and a books for lists: Lists of gift ideas for friends and family, Lists of crafts I want to make, Lists of recipes I want to try, Lists of fabric swatches to take with me and match to other fabrics for projects, Lists of cosmetics I want to try, etc. I know that is a lot of notebooks, but it really works for me. I use Washi tape on the binding of each notebook to distinguish it from the rest. I also label the front of each notebook and put the same Washi tape around the four sides of the label. This way, when I have all of my notebooks lined-up on my desk, I can tell by looking at the tape on the spines, which book is which. I love all of my little books! I hope this is of help to you.

  5. I’m researching my local town during the First World War, with the emphasis on what the folks back were saying, so I’m using letters, diaries and the local newspapers. My wife is the main researcher, I will be writing the display panels for our museum’s exhibition in May and we also hope to put voices to some of the letters in the form of a drama. We have controversy over payments to the wives of soldiers abroad – some people thought they were too generous and these women should have got jobs while their husbands were away. It got worse when payments were extended to unmarried partners and their children. We’ve also found three spies. And all the fights over conscription as well as the daily grind of getting by in the war.
    I just keep one notebook but my wife who is a typist types all the notes and keeps them in separate files and stores hard copies in different folders by subject. There’s a lot to be said for having a ten fingered typist in the family.

  6. In a small project I use different sections, broken up by topic (depends on what the project is as to how many categories). Larger things get separate notebooks. It’s better to have too many pages than to squeeze info into too little space. Sometimes I xerox a page from one book and tape it into another if I think I need it in both spaces.

    I just like to have a lot of notebooks and also it’s good for me to be able to spread out the different sections of projects!

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