Monday, December 23rd, 2013

Favorite Holiday Cookies



In the early 1970s, my Mom’s kiffle cookies were probably everyone’s favorite. A delicate filled cookie of Eastern European origin, they would disappear in mere seconds from the moment they were cool and dusted with powdered sugar. Apricot, prune (lekvar) and walnut were the traditional fillings Mom used in her kiffles and my favorite was always the walnut which had a taste similar to the nut rolls and nut tossies that she would also sometimes bake.

This blog post talks about kiffles but shows a construction method different from Mom’s. Mom would roll out a sheet of dough which she would then cut into squares. The filling was placed on the middle of the square and then two opposite corners were folded in leaving the filling exposed at two ends of the cookie. (Like this)

What are your favorite holiday cookies?


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