Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Have You Ever Created a Vision Board?


Stephanie Smith and Jaime Karpovich

Last night, I was interviewed for a segment on creating vision boards for “Save the Kales” – a local TV cooking show hosted by the magnificent Jaime Karpovich. (Keep your eye on this girl – she is Food Network bound for sure!) 

Vision boards are used a creative visualization process to manifest some aspect of change in your life. Made simply by collaging inspiring images and words cut out from magazines, these boards can be used to inspire, maintain focus, shift perspective, and attract abundance into your life.

Have you ever created a vision board? What did you think of the process?

This episode will be aired in January and will be able to be viewed online as well.

3 thoughts on “Have You Ever Created a Vision Board?

  1. I’ve been doing vision boards for years, though I skip now and then. Last year’s vision board was a mandala that captured a review of the old year as well as visions for the new year.I figured you’d like the mandala aspect! :-)

  2. Very useful for tapping into my subconscious for inspiration. Creating these is an annual event at First Coast Romance Writers (my local Romance Writers of America chapter). We get them laminated & hang them in our offices to help focus on aspects of our novels &/or careers.

    Keeping each year’s vision board is amazing as we see trends & growth from year to year.

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