Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Hidebound Leather Rhodia Pad Covers


Hidebound Leather cover

Our friend Tony Thomas has recently brought Hidebound Custom Leather to our attention. They seem to offer a variety of options (Initials, pen loops, metal corners…) and styles, (check out the Quarter Bound!) for several sizes of Rhodia pads which can be found here.

Have you ever considered a custom cover for your favorite Rhodia notepad?

Image courtesy of Hidebound Leather.



6 thoughts on “Hidebound Leather Rhodia Pad Covers

  1. Whoops – sorry about that. I don’t have any additional information to provide about them, but I will forward your comment on to our VP of Marketing.

  2. That Facebook page is not theirs. It is a small Etsy vender that makes wallets and belts in Oklahoma.

  3. I ordered a cover from them for my meeting book on July 23. It is August 15 and I have just sent my third email asking for an update and when my item will be shipped. So far all I hear are crickets.
    I’m feeling a bit duped.

  4. Hi – I have been reaching out to Hidebound Leather for a quote and am getting nowhere. We have 20 books that we want to have custom leather covers made. Regarding the Rhodia pad cover above, did you get that directly from Hidebound? Our project is time-sensitive and I’m wondering if I should find someone more reliable. Thanks in advance for any replies to this post.

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