Friday, November 29th, 2013

What are your plans for shopping on Black Friday?



The day following Thanksgiving is often considered to be one of the busiest shopping days of the year- will you be making any purchases on this day? Is your inbox as flooded as mine is with special holiday sales and discounts for both online retailers and brick and mortar stores? I’m unlikely to venture far from my local shopping district at least for today, though I’m sure to poke around to see what deals I might find online.

4 thoughts on “What are your plans for shopping on Black Friday?

  1. Nothing. But went out on Shop Local Saturday and bought some gift books at Rediscovered Books, CDs at the Record Exchange and 2 pounds of fresh whole bean espresso at Dawson’s. Then it was off to the Apple Store.

  2. I don’t celebrate the Holy Cash Register. Years ago I informed my friends of my decision not to give material things at a commercially appointed time of year. (It helps I don’t have children to be deprogrammed.)

    My life is much saner, my budget stays on track, and people receive tokens of affection and appreciation at times of the year appropriate to our relationships and things happening in our lives.

  3. We don’t have Black Friday in UK altho the shops have been pretty busy for the last week or so … which is why I avoid them and play with my computer instead!
    Which raises a minor concern. Just lately the fantastic Rhodia Drive blog seems to be taking longer and longer to load! Others seem to be as usual so maybe you would like to carry out a few checks around your own community [ordinary souls, not connected with any company] and then have your tame geeks take a look at restoring your former superb service?
    Happy Christmas to y’all and thanks for another year of entertaining and useful posts.

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