Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

How would you like a Rhodia dotReverse Book?


Rhodia Reverse Book

Yep. Me too. Unfortunately, they don’t exist… yet. To expedite the process, my suggestion is to leave a comment below on how much you’d love one and that you’d promise to buy three dozen each year to give away as gifts to all your dearest friends.

Seriously though, I know I’m not the only person clamoring for a spiral Rhodia notepad with the dot grid.

17 thoughts on “How would you like a Rhodia dotReverse Book?

  1. I actually have had dreams about a DotReverse notepad, only to wake up and realize that they don’t exist.
    Please Rhodia, please make this notepad a reality!

  2. I am not kidding: I was seriously wishing for one today, hours before I read this post. I love Rhodia Reverses, I have a shelf full of them–but I’ve gone to such fine pen points for writing (0.4 and thinner) that my words get lost in the grid. So a Reverse–or three dozen of them–with a dot grid would rock my world!

  3. A spiral Rhodia notepad with reverse dot grid would be wonderful, would love them for sketching with a good quality paper. Would buy many, maybe not 3 doz but close.

  4. Yes, I would live to see this! I personally prefer the top spiral bound pads, so any size in dot grid would be great!

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