Thursday, November 21st, 2013

EDC: Leather Clutch, Tortoise Sunnies, Rhodia Pad



What are the absolute bare necessities that you always carry with you when you leave the house? Keys, wallet, cell phone and what else? I have a beat-up aluminum water bottle that seems to always be traveling with me, along with some kind of sling bag or small backpack. There is always at least one pen or pencil and something to write on. Beyond a small tube of lip gloss, everything else varies by day.

(EDC stands for Every Day Carry)

Image courtesy of dnatheshop on Instagram

One thought on “EDC: Leather Clutch, Tortoise Sunnies, Rhodia Pad

  1. Hmm…bare necessities…Carmex, keys, wallet, phone, notebook (bare necessities says 1…reality means more like 2 or three), pen, small book-usually poetry, and perhaps a granola bar, depending on how long I plan on being out. All of this in a bag I can sling across me…

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