Sunday, November 10th, 2013

Record Albums Anyone?


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Over the years our component stereo system has been dismantled and the record player (in current need of a replacement needle) has been banished to the attic. Our records currently reside in the basement and have probably spent one too many years near the furnace for them to even be playable but sometimes I wonder…

A new used record shop just opened up in a nearby town and since records have been off my radar for almost 20 years, I’m wondering who might be listening to them now? Have some people been listening to them all along? Are others re-discovering them? Are others only now discovering that warm sound?

With a new found love for jazz, I’m considering moving back to vinyl.

Your thoughts?

One thought on “Record Albums Anyone?

  1. I’ve never stopped listening to vinyl. My collection is now up to 2000 lp’s, mostly classical and opera but also some jazz and ’50’s and 60’s rock and roll.

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