Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Objects of Desire



I got a call this week from a well-known men’s fashion magazine. They were looking for particular Rhodia notebooks for photo shoot called “Objects of Desire.” The editor asked for A5 and A6 orange and black Rhodia pads with top spiral and also the “classic.”

The pads will be set on a night table by the bed.  I guess for easy reach when inspiration can’t wait!

If it was up to you, what Rhodia product would you suggest to the editor?



2 thoughts on “Objects of Desire

  1. I would suggest an N16 in a pad holder, a top spiral N 18 with the silver and orange cover and a black le carre top staplebound. Maybe and 8.25 and a 5.25 set just right. It would be cool to see something like a clear TWSBI Diamond 580 demonstrator with Iroshizuku Kon-peki ink in it next to the Rhodia’s instead of the usual black Mont Blanc’s that inevitably end up in those shoots.

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