Monday, November 4th, 2013

Happy Belated International Fountain Pen Day!



I can’t believe I missed it! The first Friday in November is International Fountain Pen Day and I am noting my 2014 calendar as we speak. So what did you do to celebrate? Did you buy a new pen? New inks? Flush out your favorite pen and refill it with a daring new color? Please share!

Image courtesy of corporate_p on Instagram which depicts a Kaweco  filled with Private Reserve’s Burgundy Mist on a Rhodia dotPad

2 thoughts on “Happy Belated International Fountain Pen Day!

  1. I just rotated two of my Sheaffers into my Quiver and went on like it was any other non-fountain pen day, complete with two to four fountain pens, four interesting inks and a nice little notebook in which to use them all to doodle, draw, journal and take notes.

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