Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Orange and Black



Orange and black – how appropriate for Halloween! Do you know how these colors came to be associated with this ghoulish holiday? Me neither! Maybe it’s from orange pumpkins and black cats, fall leaves and the color of a witches hat…

Here are a few opinions on the topic:

What is the origin of Halloween colors?

Halloween Colors: Where Did They Come From?

The Origin of Pumpkin Carving and Halloween Colors

PS: What was your most favorite Halloween costume you ever wore? I always struggled with masks because of wearing glasses but a number of years ago I found a mask made of a see-through fabric and I was thrilled to finally be in full disguise! 

Image above courtesy of mrmikedudek on Instagram

One thought on “Orange and Black

  1. I am rather fond of any occasion I have to wear my velvet jester hat that I picked up in grad school… And then there was Harry Potter a couple of years ago… But, it’s funny, I was just talking to another teacher about how few kids these days dress as an object as opposed to a person. My best costume would have to be when I went as a television decades ago. Homemade through and through… And, totally get the glasses issue!!

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