Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Checking in on Ruling: Graph, Lined, Dot or Blank?



What is your favorite Rhodia ruling? Is it graph, lined, dot or blank, and how do you use them? My ultimate favorite is blank – perfect for writing or doodles. 2nd favorite is the dot grid – also for writing/doodles.

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Image courtesy of jiminellie on Instagram.

13 thoughts on “Checking in on Ruling: Graph, Lined, Dot or Blank?

  1. I have dots, graph, lined and blank notebooks. I prefer dot grids and graphs for brainstorming and designing and lined/blanks for notes.
    I even have one of the Paperblanks notebook in the picture(lined).

  2. Dot grid is my favourite, because the dots allow me to keep my writing neat but it doesn’t have any intrusive lines getting in the way. Blank and graph are a close second and third, while lined is a very distant fourth.

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