Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Overwhelmed by Ink Options?


DIY Sara ink

Most people I know (myself included) don’t just have just one fountain pen and one bottle of ink, they have many. This leads to the inevitable question of which to choose at any given time. While it isn’t difficult to change inks in a fountain pen, it does take time to properly flush a pen from its previous ink. Once your pen is filled, it becomes a small commitment to use that ink until it either runs out, or you take the time to flush it.

How do you choose which ink to use? Do you have a specific color family that you stick with? A favorite brand?

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6 thoughts on “Overwhelmed by Ink Options?

  1. Oh, my! Noooooo! That would be like saying a lady could have too many pairs of shoes, bags, or notebooks! One can NEVER have too many colors of inks. There is just absolutely no possibility. A color for every mood, every purpose, every doodle, and every written word. I tend to use Noodler’s but love to try new inks and samples give me the chance to play without having to purchase an entire bottle. Never, never think a lady could settle for anything less than a rainbow of colors to suit her every whim. Goulet’s Ink Drop caters to the fountain pen user that wants to explore the possibilities without getting sucked into buying an entire bottle of the UNKNOWN…….

  2. I tend to favor jewel tones and my favorites are emerald greens, amythest purples and reds that are either deep burgundy or ruby red. That being said I have J. Herbin Lierre Sauvage, Violette Pensees and Diamine Red Dragon as well as Iroshizuku Murasaki Shikibu, and I don’t really have a method for chosing which ones to use. I think certain inks work better with certain nibs, but even my bottle of Parker Quink black gets used in all my pens. It basically boils down to which ink I haven’t used lately.

  3. I was bitten by the fountain pen ink bug a few years ago. I would buy samples like crazy from Brian Goulet. My office at the time had a kitchenette, so flushing out pens was no big deal. Since moving to a new office suite, though, I’ve scaled waaaaay back on my color rotation.

    In fact, I only own two fountain pens and three bottles of ink now. My goal is to use up all three bottles before buying something else. The three inks are Waterman Havana (my daily ink), Private Reserve Tropical Blue (infrequent use), and J. Herbin Café des Iles (to use when the Havana is gone).

    I’ve been thinking about buying a flex pen to help use up my stock faster.

  4. Option C: Keep a ridiculous amount of pens inked!

    I’m at 16 pens inked at the moment. That being said, I still struggle with picking which inks to go in which pens because of the nib options. If I could have every ink in a fine, broad and flex I would be a happy man.

  5. I have many fountain pens and many inks, but actually I use only black ink.

    We don´t have many options in ink here in Brazil. My favourite brand is a Waterman ink.

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