Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Customizing Rhodia


We get several requests a week from all kinds of places for customized Rhodia products as gifts, promotional items, and just plain regular use.  We hear from companies, nonprofits, hotels, restaurants, designers, clothiers, and management consultants, to name a few.  I have been a little surprised at the diversity, but once someone is a fan, they want to share the good news.  rhodia-pad_280_thumb

The most popular products for customization so far are the meeting books, No. 16 pads, and Rhodia covers with pads.  We have been asked if we can move the Rhodia logo or eliminate it from the front cover… We cannot, but why not advertise your business, organization or self with a rising hot brand?

The customization is done by our employees in Hamburg, NY at our warehouse and printing plant.  Exaclair has recently completely a new “self-serve” customization module for people to use to see how their logo or message looks on a particular product and get a quote.  Have a look, and always feel free to call us if you don’t find what you are looking for or have questions.

You can access our Customization page here.




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