Thursday, September 12th, 2013

How Many Pens is Reasonable to Take on Vacation?



Our Rhodia Journal Swapping friend Andrea, (biggaydragon on Instagram) posed an interesting question within the tags of this Instagram pic: #howmanypensisreasonabletotakeonvacation? I hear you Andrea. For  the week long art intensive I just took I literally spent weeks trying to decide what to take and now that it’s over, I can honestly say that I used less than half of what I packed.

How much is enough when traveling? Do you have specific pens/pencils that you enjoy traveling with? Please share!

6 thoughts on “How Many Pens is Reasonable to Take on Vacation?

  1. Thanks for posting this Stephanie!

    I always struggle with this question. I feel more comfortable when I have all the tools I could possibly need at my disposal. I took one pen case full and used most of them, but missed all the others that were left at home. Yes, I have issues.

  2. I go through this discernment all the time! For me, much depends on mode of transportation and destination. Plane flight dictates one thing, car perhaps another… Tropical environs, one thing, cold, another. But, I confess that my standard go-to for reliable function while traveling, my stalwart companion that can strike out on its own (i.e, get lost) and I won’t worry…is a Bic Orange fine point. And then there’s the notebook question…

  3. It is never reasonable to take a ball point on vacation: they are everywhere as it is, and seem to multiply indiscriminately.

    Fountain pens: no more than a fistful.


  4. As many as you want to pack. Better to have pens you don’t use than not to have the one you really want to use

  5. It depends on how I’m travelling. If by air I minimize and only take maybe two FPs and a couple of RBs all with International Short cartridge capability. If it’s a motor trip and I have room I’ll take maybe 10-15 pens in cases.

  6. As many as you can get on the plane… I took about 25 of them with me. I can not leave that at home. That is not right.

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