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Guest Blogger: Wayne H.W Wolfson – Dreaming Always of & In Paris


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“Street Sign” Wayne Wolfson

Dreaming Always of & In Paris by Wayne H.W Wolfson

2 A.M, off in the distance lay The Sacre Coeur now reduced to the shadow of a leviathan around which is a slopping hilled base that someone has scattered a smattering of stars around that continue to wink despite having been pulled down from the sky. It was my first night back in Paris and the next day I would be moving back into my familiar sublet.

First was the dying swan of pen ink from the borrowed pen which caused the waiter to give me an annoyed look
as he knew that there was now a finite number of times left that the pen could softly declaim; 




 "Coffee & Such" Wayne Wolfson (Ink Brush Pen & Paper)

“Coffee & Such” Wayne Wolfson (Ink Brush Pen & Paper)

It was then that I knew I needed to always have my own pen on me. Through much trial and error I found one whose aesthetics and function I really liked. It became a good friend resting on various night tables to my right in hotel rooms and sublets all over the world, just waiting to once again be picked up and given the word to make words.

When inspiration hit I would bring out my friend but largely use whatever paper was on hand, the back of menus, ripped off corners of paper table clothes, café placemats. On a good day when the ink freely flowed I would return home my pockets stretching outward with confetti bulges of notes. I had to get a notebook. Initially I started off with just two, one for the words, one for the pictures. After years of doing this I incorporated different sizes for depending on what I was going to be doing that day.

"Back of Street" Wayne Wolfson (Watercolor & Paper)
“Back of Street” Wayne Wolfson (Watercolor & Paper)

The coldest and rainiest spring Paris has seen in a long while, too wet even with an umbrella to go out with my usual book bag. I now feel uneasy without my pen and at least one pad to use it on with me at all times, a symptom of my hypergraphia. I had gotten one of the smaller Rhodia Notepads (2.9 x 4.1) as a gift and even with its slip on cover it fits comfortably in my pocket with no worry of it getting wet. It rested on the zinc tops of many cafes as I let the words flow like the rain outside, each puddles’ surface showing a smaller version of the city, silvered as if in a dream.

“Zinc Bar top” Wayne Wolfson

London Based publisher Side Cartel has recently published Wayne’s book of essays titled “Arrondissements” – a collection of thematically-linked (music & literature) non-fiction essays, showing how one generation’s young lions becomes the proceeding’s establishment whose accomplishments the next generation feels compelled to break free from or build off of. Erudite,yet maintaining a conversational tone, seeking to separate various historical myths from the actual truth.

Visit www.waynewolfson.com for more information on Wayne, an author and painter who divides his time between San Diego and Paris, France.


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