Monday, August 26th, 2013

Rhodia on the Road: In Cuba


Rhodia in Cuba

Kim King from the blog Consider the Lilies recently sent us this note and photo:

“Just got back from a month in Cuba, helping out with a series of eleven day-camps for children…fabulous experience.  Each campamento ended with an excursion to the beach for the children and an older family member… Rhodia on the Caribbean!

Aside from the joy of writing on something that represents practical, reliable, utility mixed with pleasing funkiness (Orange all the way for me… grid, dot, rectangle or square), I also now appreciate that the quality of Rhodia’s paper is directly related to how well the paper stands up in extremely hot and humid environments… no wrinkly edges or soggy pages in these notebooks!

I also love flipping back through Rhodias and noticing what I used them for…I can only imagine my future smile when I flip back through this particular pad in the years to come and see the lists of vocabulary, the quick paintings with a pen of what I could see at a given moment, the jotted lists of necessary materials for a given craft, the careful spelling out of words for children. Each pad is a sort of running memory of an experience fully lived.”

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