Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Wood Turning City on Etsy


Wood Turning City

Rhodia Drive reader Tony Thomas recently brought these beautiful pens to my attention. Dale Parrott creates handcrafted exotic wood pens & touch screen styluses and sells them in his Etsy shop: Wood Turning City.

Wood Turning City

Description on this pen: “This pen was handcrafted in my shop and not made from a kit. The wood I used is Red Heart (Chakte Kok) with a lacquer finish. The Bic refill this pen uses is easy to replace and available at most office supply stores. This is a large pen with a diameter of a bit over 1/2″ and almost 6″ long. Comes with Black ink.”

“Since grade school I have always enjoyed making things out of wood. Fast forward 45 years and now I have the time to once again dabble and become more proficient at my hobby.”

One thought on “Wood Turning City on Etsy

  1. I bought one of Dale’s pens this summer, and it’s wonderful to…HOLD. I love it so much that it pulls me away from my beloved pencils. :)

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