Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Six Notepads


Do you use one notebook for everything, or do you have different pads in different places?  Black_OfficeBag3

I regularly use six notepads or journals:  an Exacompta Nostalgie journal as a bird log in the breakfast nook; a Rhodia No. 8 in the kitchen utility drawer for shopping lists; a scratch pad from Mitchell Graphics, our catalog and postcard printer is by my laptop; a Rhodia No. 18-ruled in my Mills canvas work bag; a beat-up Clairefontaine memo book in the car for quick notes, and a Clairefontaine Roadbook in a zip lock bag that travels with me in my kayak.

The notepad that gets the most use in the one in my Mills bag.  I use the bag as a lap desk on the weekend commute back and forth from New York to Greenport. I find that writing notes and doing weekly planning helps me to unwind.


One thought on “Six Notepads

  1. I’m a “right tool for the job” kind of person. I have multiple pads and notebooks all for very specific purposes. I’d like to eliminate some of them, but can’t decide how to parse them out for multiple purposes.

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