Sunday, August 18th, 2013

Back to School Supplies



With just over a month of summer still left, it’s hard to believe that school starts up this week for some lucky students. Or should that read lucky parents? I myself don’t ever remember starting school earlier than Labor Day, an American holiday observed on the first Monday in September.

School supplies back in my day (70s-mid 80s) were somewhat simple: loose leaf paper, #2 pencils, Trapper Keeper three-ring binders, EraserMate pens and smelly erasers. As much as I detested going to school, I always loved back to school shopping.

One thing I remember about the beginning of the school year was covering our textbooks with brown paper bags from the grocery store and then decorating them with the names of favorite bands or of a latest crush.

What is one of your favorite or no so favorite back to school rituals for you or your children?

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2 thoughts on “Back to School Supplies

  1. Sadly I had the same experience. I was pumped going in but then it became overwhelming – 5 folders in specific colors, 5 notebooks in specific colors with specific spacing, packs of filler paper in specific spacing, one blue pen, one purple pen, Kleenex…and that’s just one quarter of the list! I do however love regular notebook shopping for my daughter. She’s filled with stories about dinosaurs and dragons so whenever I’m out I have to pick up some new notebooks. Unfortunately Rhodia notebooks are a little plain for her taste – any plans for a dinosaur themed series? ;)

  2. We always take a photo of the kids on their first day of school.

    Back to school shopping isn’t so much fun, though. The supply list always seems a bit excessive. I think the list was created back in the old days when folders wore out after a few weeks. One good folder can last several months now……yet they still “need” 16 of them?

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