Saturday, August 17th, 2013

Stormtrooper Guards the Goods



I like seeing what kinds of desk decorations people keep within their workspace. Back when I worked in an office I had lots of crystals surrounding the computer in my cubicle and many pictures of my friends on the walls.

What kinds of things make you feel happy or comfortable within your work space? Do you have items that keep you more focused and serious, or things that are more fun and playful? What is the most unique item on your desk?

Image courtesy of aleks111 on Instagram

One thought on “Stormtrooper Guards the Goods

  1. Ah! I have an assortment of items… Stones from different places I have been, a Slinky, chirping magnets, bits of sea shell spirals, a magic wand, a gyroscope, a prism, a magnifying glass…

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