Monday, August 12th, 2013

Wayne Wolfson’s Travel Kit for Paris


Wayne Wolfson's Kit For Paris 2013

When Wayne Wolfson sent me this image and told me that he is working artist that travels. I had to know more about what went into his personal travel kit which is in essence, a portable studio allowing him to create wherever he goes. (I always struggle with what art supplies to take with me so I usually end up with way more than enough) Per Wayne:

“My main visual mediums are:

  • Watercolor (half pans: Sennelier /Schmincke/Windsor Newton)
  • Sketching for which I use a variety of mechanical pencils kept in black leather global arts pencil case (old yellow Pental 9MM which is first I ever bought and has been around the world with me, Pental Graph Gear 5, 7 MM and a Kuri Toga 5 MM)
  • For notes I use a 3.4×5.5 lined Quattro with a black leather cover and its sibling with the brown leather cover for sketches.
  • I use Faber Castel Pencils & Pencil Holders for fast, spontaneous sketches along with a German Brass Bullet Sharpener
  • Wash Pencils have become a passion of mine and I use Derwerent Dark Wash Pencils along with water in tiny blue glass bottle whose top contains a built in eye droper as to allow me to do wash pieces out in the field. (Wash pencils??? Must Google… – Stephanie)
  • The small Rhodia pad 2.9 x 4.1 is perfect for me (lined paper) as I now no longer feel like me if I go out without at least pen & paper. Its compact size allows me to fit it in my pocket if I do not want to bring my book bag out with me. I have the imitation leather cover too as it gives it an extra solid feel and looks great.

I do not take vacations but travel creating wherever I am and what ever else I am doing, all this allows me to continue that and remain portable.”

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