Friday, August 9th, 2013

Art Brown International Pen Shop Reopens in New York City!


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Today is a sad day as the iconic Art Brown International Pen Shop forever closes its doors in New York City.

I’d only ever visited Art Brown on one occasion but that trip made a tremendous impression on me as it reminded me of the local stationery stores of my youth. For fountain pen lovers, this was *the* place to shop when visiting New York City with its ability to create an instant ear to ear grin at all of their available pen, paper and ink options.

Will you share your favorite memories of visiting Art Brown? What will you miss the most about this store?

UPDATE November 29, 2017:

Today I received a message from Vicki at Art Brown that they have reopened! See her message below:

I’m glad to announce to all fans of Art Brown that we have reopened a new location under new management at Jewelery Plaza, 20 W 47th St #20R New York, NY 10036. You can reach us at (212)921-1144 or (212)575-8555. You can also visit our website at At Art Brown, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive inventory of the very finest pens and leather goods available. If for some reason there is an item that you are interested in and we do not have it at the present time we will make sure to put our best efforts forth to get it for you. We also provide repairs. At Art Brown we place the needs and satisfaction of our customers above everything else. Don’t forget that the holidays are quickly approaching and why not get your loved one a gift here. Come check us out at your earliest convenience, we look forward to assisting you.

This is great news!

39 thoughts on “Art Brown International Pen Shop Reopens in New York City!

  1. I worked in NYC for many years and spending my lunch taking with the wonderful people at Art Brown was a treat. Granted the pens were the show, but the people made the show special. I happen to love pens and approximately 80% of them were purchased at Art Brown.
    Art Brown you will be missed and I wish all of the wonderful people who worked there all the best.

  2. It is amazing how some stores become go-to places when you visit a city ~ this was one of them. Another go-to store for me in New York was Manny’s Music. Now it seems both are closed. I purchase several pens from Art Brown. On one occasion I am sure the salesman spent a good hour and a half with me. A New York lawyer would have cost $1,500 for much less valuable advice ~ I got off easy and still to this day enjoy my purchase. Not sure what happened but I hope, like a Phoenix, they can rise from the ashes again and be that go-to store travellers like me love to enjoy.

  3. I can’t believe Art Brown is closed. When we lived in NY and I worked in Manhattan, I had the great pleasure of working only two blocks from this wonderful writer’s treasure trove. The first time I walked into the store and found shelves loaded with jars of ink in every color, every ink maker, pens of every sort and price, and a knowledgeable staff capable of answering any writing question, I knew I’d stumbled on one of those “only in New York” experiences. When my job took me from NYC in 2008, I continued to order supplies from AB and made sure to visit the store on any return trips. What a loss. What a sad indication of where the digital world is dragging us.

  4. Honestly I was extremely sense with the closing of the store! I’m from Brazil and one of the reasons I go to new york was the Brow Art. I loved the store and spent hours admiring all that was there. He was scheduling me to buy ink cartridges now in January 2014. I do not know what to do! Where did they go? Just closed? Finished to the site!

  5. I am so sad that the shop has closed. And I am incredibly disappointed with myself that I was not enough in touch with the Art Brown folks to hear about the closing in time to make one last visit.

    But for a few years away at school, I’ve lived in New York all my life. I used to work near the shop and would drop in occasionally—a great spot for browsing and about the only place I could get the Schmidt extra fine red rollerball refills that I needed. Most recent visit: purchased a venerable J. Herbin Rocker Style Wooden Ink Blotter and blotter paper.

    I guess I feel like an equestrian during the era when blacksmiths were frequently closing and auto garages were frequently opening: good pen shops and their wares will still be around, but harder and harder to find. I suppose progressives should note those times when conservatives have a point.

  6. I purchased my first fountain pen at Art Brown back around 1977 – an Alumimum Body
    Waterman with a steel nib. At the time, the price was exhorbitant – about $ 20.

    From that time on however, I was hooked and I became a regular.

    I was there at every Pen Fair. I looked forward to getting their new catalogue to
    see the new pens on the market.

    I loved going into the shop – the displays
    were wonderful, the pens works of art.

    I will sorely miss the shop, Marilyn, Debbie and all the wonderful, helpful people who worked there.

    RIP Art Brown.

    You will be missed.

  7. Art Brown fue siempre un lugar mítico. Lo conocí por primera vez hace unos 20 años cuando compré el dip pen de Hyseck.
    en Diciembre pasado estuve y me arreglaron um plumín Conklin.
    Será extrañado, sus vitrinas estaban llenas de instrumentos maravillosos y el pasear por NYC y no visitar Art Brown va a ser muy extraño.

  8. Wow–just heard this news and can’t believe it! I’m from NYC and now live in Chicago and feel like I grew up on Art Brown. Nearly every member of my family has a fond memory of this venerable shop because I dragged them there–but they left with a new-found appreciation for a good pen or pencil or paper journal. What a sad moment for the fine-writing instrument business. All my best to the family and workers who kept it going over the years.

  9. Went there religiously every time I was in NY…bought pens, refills, ink and went to the pen shows. I feel like the world that supports my writing has gotten a little smaller. I wish some things would just stay the same…

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