Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Rhodiarama In Your Bag!


Thea's Rhodiarama and custom Timbuk2 bag
Thea’s Rhodiarama and custom Timbuk2 bag

Rhodia fan Thea P. was the first person to submit an image for our “In Your Bag” photo page that showed a Rhodia product that wasn’t one of our signature orange or black colors.

Per Thea, “I love peacocks and the color purple; and I never go anywhere without my customized Timbuk2 bag, my purple Rhodiarama, and a purple Slicci pen. I don’t know…having beautiful things just makes day-to-day life more pleasant.”

As a purple girl myself, I hear you Thea!

To submit your own “In Your Bag” image, please include “Rhodia in My Bag” in the subject line and send to: stephanie at rhodiadrive dot com

One thought on “Rhodiarama In Your Bag!

  1. I was just vanity googling when I saw this post. I designed the peacock fabric used in this bag and it always makes me happy to see my prints “out in the wild.” Thanks for sharing!

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