Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Old School meets New School and a Brew



I was just talking to Karen Doherty (VP of Marketing for Exaclair) about the way it seems that 2013 is an interesting mix of every decade from the 1950’s forward and how this is easily reflected in fashion, design, and music. (Though I’m not really seeing as much of the 80’s big hair and big shoulder pads…) I see it in the way people are embracing vintage technology and also in the way they are becoming more and more interested in revisiting traditional methods of food cultivation and preparation.

Do you find yourself connecting to the past in this way? My notebooks lie side by side with my devices and I listen to playlists filled with old school funk mixed with a lot of new bands that sound old. This is my first year planting a garden and I look for restaurants that serve farm to table.

Image courtesy of anderson_cheng on Instagram

One thought on “Old School meets New School and a Brew

  1. I think that you summed it up well! I just can’t think about journaling in some ‘virtual’ manner. I love my ‘real’ journals and would not trade them for anything digital. I love my fountain pens, good quality paper and sealing waxes.

    That being said, I also cannot begin to think of not having the internet and email. I think it’s all a matter of balance. Not everything new is better than the old, just as not everything old is worse than something new.

    It’s great to appreciate both old and new. There are direct benefits to both!

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