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J. Herbin Sealing Wax


J Herbin sealing wax

Sometime back in grade school, I collected stamps and had a subscription to receive them “on approval” – this meant that businesses like the Jamestown Stamp Company would send you an envelope filled with stamps that you could either purchase or send back.

One of the coolest things I discovered in those approval packages wasn’t a stamp, but an envelope that had the remnants of a red wax seal. My Mom told me that those types of seals were once used by kings to seal important messages and I remember running my finger over the broken wax wondering what important documents that envelope might have once held.

Most people know J. Herbin for their fountain pen inks, but did you also know that they make various types of sealing waxes?

La Societe J. Herbin, Maitre Cirier a Paris, was established in 1670.

Generations of remarkable people, from Louis XIV to Coco Chanel, have used this traditional sealing wax, and it is well known around the world as one of the highest quality sealing waxes ever made.

M. Herbin was a sailor, and from his many journeys to India he brought back to Paris formulas for manufacturing sealing wax. His special lacquer formula improved the quality of the seals in adhesion and neatness, helping him to become famous throughout the kingdom.

Then as today, sealing wax was used for documents and correspondence, but also in decoration and bottling. J. Herbin has supplied Chanel from its beginning with wax used for finishing touches on their perfume bottles.

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