Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Special WHSmith Promotion: 31 more places to buy Rhodia in the UK!


Rhodia WMSmith

A special 3 month promotion which started July 11th has a variety of pocket sized Rhodia products (Unlimited, “R” and Rhodiarama Webbies) available in 31 WHSmith locations throughout the UK. (WHSmith is the UK equivalent of Hudson News.)

Edinburgh Airport Airside 1
Manchester Airport T1 IDL
Beaconsfield MSA
Heathrow T3 Main IDL
Whiston Hospital
Belfast International Airside Main
Stansted Airport Airside
Victoria Island – Ground
Dublin Airport IDL
Manchester Airport T2 Airside Main
Heathrow T4 Airside NE Central
Newcastle Air Airside
QE Hospital Birmingham Main Store
St Thomas Hospital
Basingstoke Hospital
Cambridge MSA
Glasgow Airport Airside Main
Liverpool Air Airside
Peterborough MSA
Heathrow T5 C
Liverpool Street Broadgate
Manchester Airport T1 Term 3 Airside
Reading Rail Main
Birmingham Air T2 Airside
Cobham MSA
Luton Airport Airside CTN
Manchester Airport T1 Airside 1
Manchester Airport T2 Airside 1
North Middlesex Hospital Main Store
Paddington Main

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