Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

A Preference for Perforated Pages


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Many Rhodia products such as our top/head stapled pads, Meeting Books, and Unlimited pocket notebooks contain micro-perforated pages but our side stapled notebooks do not.

Would you like our side stapled books more or less if the pages were removable? We recently received an e-mail from someone looking for this particular combination.

I prefer the micro-perforated pages in a “notepad” (for easy removal) rather than in a notebook or sketchbook where my personal goal is more about keeping pages in the book than tearing them out.

Not too long ago, I bought a bunch of spiral bound sketchbooks filled with heavier paper for mixed-media applications. They were a recognizable brand name on clearance at my local Blick so I didn’t hesitate buying all that that they had left even though I hadn’t previously used the product. Unfortunately, it seems almost impossible to turn a page without it starting separate at the perforations. Boo. (I’m guessing it has something to do with the heavier weight of the paper.) 

Overall, do you prefer pages in any of your tablets/books to be easily removable via micro-perforations?

21 thoughts on “A Preference for Perforated Pages

  1. I have been using the top bound wirebound A5 notebooks from Rhodia for a couple years and lately I’ve found they tear too easily at the perforations when I flip the page. It’s really irritating. I guess I need to find a new notebook manufacturer. It seems totally unnecessary and a product flaw. Since they’re wirebound, they’re ALREADY PERFORATED and I could tear out a page if I wanted to, but unfortunately they tear when I don’t want them to. I didn’t use to have this issue as much, I wonder if I got a bad batch? But it’s always been a minor annoyance.

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