Monday, July 8th, 2013

And how is your garden?



While I did not think to take notes of what and how I was planting, I do have a few things worth noting about my first real year gardening.

  • When you put seeds in the ground and give them water, they grow. So simple yet so very magical…
  • Plants grow really big. I now know that I planted too many things way too close to one another.
  • Nothing I built prepared me for how these cucumbers would sprawl…
  • I planted two types of tomatoes three ways. Some seeds were started indoors then transplanted to the ground – others went in buckets. I also planted some seeds right in the ground. Transplants into the ground are doing the best.
  • Herbs bolt. I didn’t even know what that word meant. It means that the plant starts to flower and the taste changes. My cilantro bolted early. Best thing to do is to sow seeds at different times so they don’t all bolt at once.
  • Next year I will plant a better and more functional variety of herbs. I don’t even like parsley and I have no idea what to do with that pretty purple sage.
  • I should have bought 50 lavender plants instead of just one.
  • The Indian Poona Kheera cucumbers I planted (from The Seed Savers Exchange) can be eaten at any stage. They seem to have more flavor when they are smaller. The skin turns brown like a potato when ripe. (Shown in my hand above.)
  • Some tomatoes bear all their fruit at once. I sure hope the ones I’m growing don’t do that.

What have you learned about your garden this year?

2 thoughts on “And how is your garden?

  1. Yay new gardener!

    While it won’t get 50 lavenders (unless you bought a really huge lavender), you can propogate them from outside stalks easily. Best a stalk down to the soil, put a bit more soil on top of it, and pin it in place with a rock or length of wire so the stalk can’t come free of the ground. Keep it moist. Over a couple months it will put out roots while it’s still being supported by the parent plant. You can do cuttings and root them (dip in rooting hormone and put in potting soil or root in water with a willow twig in it) and then plant it, but I’m forgetful and do the rock instead.

    I love the Indian cukes that turn brown; the ones I grew a couple years ago never got bitter, no matter how huge they got!

  2. I learned that there is such a thing as too much rain…otherwise things are going quite well, growing things I have never grown before and having fun with it.

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