Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

New Sketchbook Test



Got a new sketchbook, journal, tablet? I love testing them all with anything close at hand. Favorite pens, markers, pencils… It becomes a rite of passage to initiate a new pile of pristine paper in this way.

A few years back when I was performing countless notebook reviews, my big thing was to grab a dozen different fountain pens, (each inked with a different color) then test each one on the first page of a new book to see whether or not the inks would feather or bleed on that particular brand of paper. After the fountain pens, I’d typically try a few watercolor washes to see how the paper would hold up to the water.

Do you have a favorite “new notebook/sketchbook” ritual that you would like to share?

Image courtesy of almighty5 on Instagram

One thought on “New Sketchbook Test

  1. I need a new sketchbook to test by drawing in. I just finished my last one – and made the discovery that I only have my loose sheets to tide me through until I get a new one. That said, I seem to also be looking for something new to save me from the “good only because I could get it” sketchbook malaise I have suffered from the past few months.

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