Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

A4 Webnotebooks


I recently received a request for A4 Webnotebooks in dot grid.  We have also noticed an uptick in the sales of A4 notebooks. WebbieA4B-Zoom_1

Here’s a question:  should we import A4 Webbies?  If so, would you want them ruled, blank or dot grid?

FYI – They would retail for around $37 each.

Thank you for your feedback.

6 thoughts on “A4 Webnotebooks

  1. Two considerations:
    1] Price
    While I love my Rhodia, the quantity of paper I go through begins to make this price-prohibitive for someone who uses these for more than journaling. I look forward to earning enough I can justify these as office supplies, but someone had to say it.

    2] I use larger-nibbed fountain pens. Lines are my preference, but I’m hoping someone has mercy on those of us who don’t use the needle nibs.

    This size is less portable, so I tend to buy it less. But there’s still a place for them, especially in the workplace.

  2. $37?

    These are great notebooks, but it seems like I should get at least two of them for that price.

  3. I would looove to have an A4 Webbie!

    I was actually really, really close to importing one from the UK. However, I ended up not doing it because I read in several places (can’t remember off the top of my head as this was several months ago) that the paper quality (density) was somehow less in the A4 size compared to the normal webbie.

    Can you confirm that this is the case? If true, I am definitely *not* interested as I am a fountain pen user. I remember reading that there was significant bleed-through with fountain pens. Yes, I said bleed-through on a rhodia!

    A4 with the same paper quality would be perfection! I would by one in an intant.

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