Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Continuing to Read our Feed


Google Reader

As many of you know, Google Reader has been one of the most popular content aggregators and as of July 1st, it is going away. Having tried other readers in the past, I always went back to Google- but now I have no choice but to find another place to peruse the several hundred blogs I currently subscribe to. To prepare for the transition, I’ve exported my feeds via Google Takeout and temporarily set up shop with Feedly which seems to have a pretty spiffy magazine style interface that’s able to simplified if desired.

Have you decided which service you will be using? Remember that you always have the option to subscribe to Rhodia Drive via e-mail by entering your address in the “Subscribe to Rhodia Drive” box on the homepage of 

A few helpful articles for your transition:

Google Reader Is Shutting Down; Here Are the Best Alternatives on Lifehacker

As Google Reader is killed off, Flipboard, Feedly and others step up with RSS alternatives on The Next Web

4 thoughts on “Continuing to Read our Feed

  1. I came across this post after downloading Feedly so I guess it works! Thanks for the reminder. I too am a big Google Reader user.

  2. Reportedly, if you link your Google Reader to Feedly, it will remember your feeds and switch them over to its engine automatically when Google Reader is removed from service.

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