Monday, June 10th, 2013

And This Leads to That



“you’re right and I’m wrong Forgive Me ?? Bell-An Tablets.” This being the inscription my friend Hannah discovered inside this early 20th century book written by a Professor George W. Conklin of Hamilton University.

Professor Conklin wrote a number of interesting books around the turn of the century including such titles as:

  • Conklin’s Vest-Pocket Argument Settler
  • Conklin’s Vest-Pocket Book of Civil And Business Law
  • Words: As They Look
  • The Little Gold Mine. Conklin’s Handy Manual Of The Mechanical Arts And House Plans
  • And last but not least: Conklin’s Handy Manual of Useful Information and World’s Atlas, which according to an article in The Brooklyn Daily Eagle dated February 2nd, 1889, “It is of pocket size but holds in its four hundred to five hundred pages much political, commercial, mechanical and even professional knowledge. Fifty of the pages are maps. Even the autograph album fiend is provided against by an assortment of verses therefor.” 

I was wondering about that inscription… was it a true dedication/apology? Or was it a jingle ala Burma-Shave?

I did manage to find out that Bell-Ans Tablets were an early brand of (sodium bicarbonate) antacid made Bell-ans which started as Bell Co. in 1897 and was still in operation as late as 1985

Top Image courtesy of Hannah Burke

Bell-An Tablets

Bell-An Tablets

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