Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Pushing Pencils



As a long time doodler, I’ve mostly preferred the use of pens and markers but more recently, I’ve started to enjoy working with pencils for both writing and drawing. I like smooth, dark leads and working with grades B, 2B and 4B. I haven’t chosen a favorite brand, so my pencil case includes Rhodia, Staedtler, California Palomino, and the Palomino Blackwing. I also have mechanical pencils filled with .07 2B leads and recently purchased a drafting pencil from our friends at JetPens. Some day I’d like to try the Tombow Mono 100 and the Blackwing 602 but I can’t find anyone who sells them individually.

What are your favorite pencils? Do you use them for writing, drawing, or both?

12 thoughts on “Pushing Pencils

  1. I second General’s Testing pencils. They are dark and smooth and very pretty. I am a HUGE General’s fan. The Kimberly in B is one of my favorite pencils.

    The new Blackwing Pearl is very nice. It’s dark enough for doodling but holds a point well enough for writing.

  2. I use both Rhodia and Faber-Castell HB pencils for writing and making notes in books as I read them.

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